Tyneside Irish Brigade Memories

Still recruiting volunteers for a “memories” project

We are Tyneside Irish Cultural Society, based in the Irish Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
We have embarked upon a project about the Tyneside Irish Brigade, established in 1914 and disbanded in 1918. It is intended to enrich the lives of the North East of England Irish diaspora. It includes a display, uniform, artefacts, research history of soldiers, and a booklet of our findings. The project is funded through the Lottery Fund.

At present we are still searching for anyone whose family may have had a connection to the TIB – either through details of an ancestor who served in the Brigade or through family anecdotes handed down orally. If there is a family member who served, we will do the research, or help descendants to do it, to find out as much as we can about that soldier and share it with his family.

We are interested in developing a wide picture of each soldier; his census information, his family, his training/service/medals, his photos and letters. As well as research, another important aspect is family memories and anecdotes. Now is the time to record any oral anecdotes because as time marches on they will be lost.

By pulling these strands together, we can build a picture of a man and his place within a family and a community.

We also are interested in any TIB artefacts that people might possess – we’d love to receive photographs of them.

We will be setting up a website so that everything can be shared online.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer with our project, please get in touch.

Please feel free to contact me on memories.tyneirishcs@gmail.com

Bridie Lowery

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