Tyneside Irish Cultural Society

Promoting Irish culture on Tyneside

We are a not for profit organisation that arranges events across Tyneside. Since our inception we have had some of the biggest names in Irish culture performing here, in the North East of England.

Recently we have been running a series of free lectures by visiting university lecturers and authors.

‘Raised on Songs and Stories’ is the name of our outreach project which brings together older Irish people who share some of their stories with us over lunch. So far we have been up to Northumberland and down to Teesside and County Durham. We sing songs, play tunes and encourage anyone to get up and perform. The Northern Stage theatre group have been recording some of these fascinating stories and will turn them into a play. We hope to be able to carry on this project long after the play is produced since the feedback we have had has been so positive and brought some of the Irish community together that had often not seen each other for years.

The highlight of our events throughout the year is our Irish festival in October (sadly cancelled this year). There should be something to suit everyone.

Get Involved – We often need help with events so please contact us if you would like to volunteer and take part.