UPDATE: as of 03/04/24, this is now a FREE GIG in our bar. Ticket holders will be refunded.

We’d love it if you could join us for a riveting performance by Canadian folk group, Allision Lupton Band!

Raised on a second generation dairy farm in Ontario, Canada, Allison Lupton was always immersed in Canadian folk life, but it took a love and intense study of Irish and Celtic music for her to find her way to the Canadian folk music tradition that she grew up with. Lupton and her talented 5-piece band look forward to returning to the UK for their upcoming 2024 Spring tour!

“Allison Lupton’s balance of strong composition and sensitive musicality makes her a fine contemporary songwriter and interpreter of the tradition and the works of her fellow songsmiths.” – Archie Fisher

“In Lupton’s songcraft, it is hard to tell where the traditional pieces start and original pieces end in her contemporary folk sound. Every melody has a timeless old-world charm to it.” – Coral Andrews, The Record

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