Join us for the launch of our new Gallowgate Gallery : a home for all of Tyneside’s diverse communities to celebrate art and culture. And a space for ordinary people to display their extraordinary creativity in the unique setting of the old print workshop.

Tyneside Irish Cultural Society is delighted to launch the Gallowgate Gallery, housed in what was once a print workshop, It will be a home for community artists displaying the creativity of and by the people of our region, reflecting the values, concerns, and meaning of life in the North East. We see it as the logical extension of our tradition of supporting the artistic and cultural life of all our communities.

Three artists will feature in our first show.

Sheila Harrison lives and works in the North-East and is inspired by the magnificent coastline and the drama and soft light in the skies of rural Northumberland. Once a full time art teacher, she now works on commission, using her mastery of a wide range of media, techniques and concepts, developing and supplying individuals and companies with unique art works. Her paintings reflect the elemental qualities and transient beauty in nature with surprising textural surfaces.

“Living near the sea and so close to the Northumberland beauty I never stop seeing the endless possibilities for creating. Our big skies and the horizon line constantly fires my imagination. “

Petra Ondrova is a visual artist who connects work and play, chance and deliberation and innovation and repetition in the process of mark making. She uses mixed media and discarded materials to produce painting and sculpture.

“I am interested in the journey of creating, in the pilgrimage that often ends up with a thought-provoking image. My creativity is reflecting the never-ending development of my thoughts about the world around and inside me. The world is changing around us all the time as our thoughts and feelings about it. Yet the déjà vu-like experience is often not far away, especially when we pay closer attention to certain situations that are happening around the world. Are we human creators of such a phenomenon or only observers of a higher power force?”

Aleks Dogramadzi is a Serbian-English-based artist, living and working in Newcastle. Educated at the University of Belgrade, the inspiration for her work comes from ‘The Thingness of Things’ and how we endure the essence of things as presence – thinking, talking, manipulating, caring about and crafting things through the creating expression of painting. She works in acrylics abstracts.

“’The Thingness of Things’ My paintings are multi-layered. The canvas or surface is in constant control, demanding change, more elusive, than illusion. I consider myself a crafter, enabling chaotic scripts like peculiar alliances of colour combined, juxtaposed, unintended”.

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