Our very own Bill Corcoran will be giving what he describes as ‘a very unacademic, more me picking a fight’ talk on 24th February 2022 at 7.30 in the Tyneside Irish Centre.   This is part of the Hadrian 1900 Festival which marks nearly 2000 years of Hadrians Wall.    Bill plans to tell us exactly what the Romans did not do for us; how for 2000 years their legacy has been used to do down working people and the North of England in particular.

It’s going to be a grand rant which we aim to host on zoom at the same time as we get together in the Gallowgate Room.   Contact tyneirishcs@gmail.com for a zoom link or come along on the night.   Both are free.

Have a look at our events page if you want to get a full flavour of Bills’s approach to the subject!

The image comes from New York Public Library (Creative Commons licence via Picryl) https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/


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